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Dentures are removable prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth. Dentures can replace a few missing teeth (partial dentures) or a complete set of missing teeth (full dentures):

Partial Dentures: If one or more teeth are missing it is possible to replace them with a partial denture.  This prosthesis consists of a metal skeleton with an acrylic base covering the metal and containing the teeth. They generally will have a few clasps to hold the denture in place.  Partial dentures take about the same time as full dentures depending on the presence of other teeth.

Full Dentures: Full dentures are for those missing a complete set of teeth in the upper, lower or both jaws. This prosthesis is acrylic in composition and removable. The denture must be cleaned 2-3 times daily, both on the inside and the outside.  There are 4-5 steps involved in the fabrication of full dentures that involve the dentist and a laboratory technician. Once the denture is delivered, adjustments will be made for a perfect fit.

Immediate Denture: If a tooth is damaged beyond restoring and must be extracted, it is possible to have a denture pre-fabricated with the to-be extracted tooth already in the denture. This will allow our dentists to extract the tooth and immediately deliver a denture to replace the missing tooth, so the patient does not have to walk around with a gap in his/her mouth.