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At A Street Dental, Lumineers® can enhance your smile with a comfortable procedure in 2 to 3 visits – without requiring the removal of your teeth.  This type of porcelain veneer has been created to make the appearance of your smile straighter, whiter, brighter, and more beautiful.

We are experienced Lumineers® dentists. Lumineers® are thin ‘smile shapers’ that are applied to your teeth in a painless way by one of our experienced dentists.  This permanent cosmetic solution can correct staining, chips, discoloration, thinned, worn, or misaligned teeth.

No one wants to have their own natural tooth structure removed unnecessarily. Our team of dentists understand the important role your natural teeth and enamel play in the overall function, strength and appearance of your smile.  Lumineers are one of the best options available to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Some patients may require additional corrections to the shape or alignment of their teeth to reach their desired result.  Contact a team member today to discuss how Lumineers can improve your smile, and to learn about all of your dental options!  Our commitment to treating every patient with the most conservative care means that we’ll care for your teeth the same way as we would our own.