Porcelain Crowns

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A healthy smile is one of the best ways to improve your confidence. At A Street Dental Arts, the focus is restoring health and beauty. Porcelain crowns are a cosmetic solution our team of dentists use to create a stunning, healthy smile.

Porcelain crowns benefit patients by:

  • providing relief from sensitivity and discomfort
  • providing renewed strength and function
  • reinforcing teeth that have been worn away with tension
  • restoring teeth that have broken, cracked or route-canaled
  • restoring teeth that have new decay from old fillings that have expanded and leaked

Porcelain Crowns vs. Metal Crowns:

In the past, porcelain crowns have utilized metal backings for functionality. However, these older crowns block light normally seen in your natural tooth, causing an opaque or fake-looking appearance.  Zirconia crowns, or all porcelain crowns, do not use metal and allow light to pass through the porcelain as it does in your natural teeth, without compromising functionality. These newer porcelain crowns also produce realistic results, without a dark grey line near the gum line.

Dr. Ramin Ghassemi and Dr. Nina Mojaver and our team of hygienists and assistants make your health our priority and we aim to make you feel great, so you can look great.  Our dental team has everything in place to keep you comfortable and relaxed, including sedation dentistry and pharmaceutical-grade topical gels that enhance the experience of our guests.  Form and function is key for a great smile!  Contact us about reaching your dental goals with porcelain crowns and other cosmetic solutions today.